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Genius is Global &
we hate that
opportunity isn’t!

No one knows where the next technological breakthrough will come from and, for too long, we've been seeing capital concentrating around the big metropoles and a couple of over-hyped verticals. At the same time, with the increasingly fast pace of technology today, corporations & international organisations struggle to innovate and embed existing innovations into their activities.

Startup Fundraising & Equity Narrative

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Startup Fundraising & Equity Narrative

We help founders who are uniquely positioned to uncover breakthrough insights, and that have been toughened by being in the VC Twilight Zone. We're not looking for second tier founder & startups. We are hunting for superstars who have been overlooked and don't have the ability to make the case in a way that's investable for the typical investor.

Innovation Consulting & Venture Building

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Innovation Consulting & Venture Building

We help organizations develop their overarching innovation strategy, prioritize & develop their innovation toolkit, as well as deploy innovation programs. Whether that's operating an agile entrepreneurial approach to creating and scaling, finding the ideas, teams, systems & capital to design, build and develop lean ventures; we are here for you.

The European VC

Learn from the hottest investors in Europe
Europe's first fundraise
accelerator program

A program dedicated to helping European founders raise their first round of capital. You will learn how VCs operate & how to optimize your fundraise accordingly. Our 10 step fundraise process consists of a set of assignments designed to get you investment ready. Whether you're already raising or just planning to start, the steps will help you to execute on a no-BS fundraise.

Foundraise Program
10 Step Fundraise Prep
10 Step

We’ve open-sourced our 10-step fundraise process & resources for all founders to use to easily build & execute on a no-BS fundraise prep that’ll secure them the network & skills needed to close their next round fast.
Founders get free access to a fast growing community of fellow founders & mentors dedicated to fundraising as well as inspirational talks & Q&A sessions with some of Europe’s best VCs.

What you get out of it
🕸 Community

We encourage collaboration & sharing of fundraising experiences and learnings. Be kind & welcoming. Remember that all other members are like-minded founders trying to build something unique. We strongly encourage you to engage & try to add value. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. If you haven’t yet, join the slack community above!

🧐 Recorded Sessions

To help you master all you need to know when fundraising, we have prepared a set of recorded sessions on VC funding. These are designed to help you understand how VCs think, make decisions & what that means to you. You can find them all here, we will do our best to update these regularly.

🎥 Step fundraise Process

The process consists of a set of assignments designed to get you ready to execute on a no-BS fundraise process. Whether you’re already raising or just planning to start, the steps will help you complete a successful raise fast & without surprises.