Fundraise Accelerator Sales Manager


Candidates will manage a network of individuals working as ambassadors for Hack & Hustle, who are are responsible for establishing and maintaining good relationships with potential customers. As a manager your role is to ensure ambassadors build trust and act as support for prospects and, more importantly, ensure they lead to potential future sales of the Fundraise Accelerator program. Our commission-only sales team is the engine that feeds into our founder community. We are seeking qualified sales managers to help keep our revenue and reach engine running through their own skill and the leadership of a team of driven sales representatives. This is not a full time position. It is a commission-based assignment.


Hire, train, motivate, and advise a team of sales representatives

Continuously develop personal leadership, hiring, and training skills while ensuring the team is using effective sales tactics to meet revenue objectives

Document & share learning with Hack & Hustle’s leadership

Achieve objectives through effective planning, setting sales goals, analysing performance data, & projecting future performance

Work closely with marketing department to ensure brand coherence & updating of sales assets


Ideal candidates are deeply embedded in entrepreneurial & innovation ecosystems and have a track record of managing remote sales teams.

Send an email to & apply. Include “Fundraise Accelerator Sales Manager” in the subject of the email & your LinkedIn URL.

This position is ideal for people within ecosystem building orgs (incubators, accelerator, public financing entities, etc), people who are planning to or already transitioning into venture, or even extremely well connected and ambitious university students with an entrepreneurial background.

Having a well-developed communications presence and high comfort level in initiating conversations is essential. Aside from a social and positive personality, we are looking for self-starters and proactive problem-solvers.

   Key Characteristics   

Strong interpersonal skills
Flourish in working independently
Always team focused

About the Fundraise Accelerator

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The program gives teams an insider’s view on how VCs operate and how they can optimize their fundraising tactics and toolbox accordingly. While doing this we also take founders through the building and execution of a no-BS fundraise prep that’ll secure them the network and skills needed to close their next round.

The program is led by a community of emerging VCs, combining class-based theory with real-world assignments designed to get you investment ready. Participants will get access to 30+ hours of pre-recorded sessions on VC funding and participate in weekly AMAs and talks with VCs and founders further on the entrepreneurial path.

Every week has a new assignment that brings founders closer to a fully developed fundraising plan with an investor target list, tactics and tools to be deployed. Founders won’t experience happy ears, feedback is direct and if they don’t do their work, they’ll be ejected from the program. This ensures that no one lags behind and slows the cohort’s progression down.

Hack & Hustle

Hack & Hustle pioneers a combined community and investment approach that brings founders, emerging managers and capital providers together. These three communities add to making the flywheel of the VC Twilight Zone run faster.

We believe that empowering community investment in unloved and overlooked sectors and geographies will produce outsized returns by paving the way for capital into hard to access, but long needed, innovations.

   Our Ethos   

Genius is Global & We Hate that Opportunity Isn’t

In Europe, 60% of VC investments are placed within 20 Metropoles (EIF data). Around two thirds of the world’s unicorns are located in the U.S. and China (CB Insights Data). And in these countries, the vast majority herald from just a couple of cities with Silicon Valley being the extreme case. Looking to the geographic concentration of wealth, which is where the first non-institutional checks must come from, the picture is even grimmer, harshly affecting access to angel capital. Last time we checked, genius is evenly distributed across the world. Investment opportunity should be too.

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